middle eastern cafe

Cafes, at the heart of Middle Eastern tradition

Cafes in the Middle East and Asia are a place to smoke shisha, socialize and relax. These cafes are nothing like Starbucks, yet they are as cultural to Middle Eastern culture as pubs are to Western cultures. The origins of these cafes are contested, but we know hookah smoking started around the 16th century and spread across Asia and the Middle East from there.

booking app

The 7 best travel apps

Download these essential free travel apps before you leave home to make your adventure a success. Using a couple map apps to compliment each other works well in developing countries. A translator is a life saver, and a currency converter keeps your wallet in check. Read on to check out more essential free apps.


How to find cheap flights in 2020

Travel hacking is huge, and so is finding cheap flights. There are dozens of search engines specializing in finding flights to where you want to go, and ‘cheap flights’ is one of the most widely googled terms for travelers. All of this may make you wonder, how can I get in? How can I get those cheap flight deals that my friends brag about? Turns out, you have several options.