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Hi! We’re Dereck and Cass, just two normal people who happen to like to travel. Against all odds, we found we are able to travel amicably together and for introverts like us, that’s rare. Especially since we don’t travel conventionally. Resorts, guided tours, and zooming through countries in a week just isn’t our style.

Though we live on opposite sides of North America, we meet up regularly to explore the world, gaining experience and stories along the way.

What is Dirt Cheap Travel Guide?

Dirt Cheap Travel Guide is a travel blog dedicated to travelers who, like us, like to make their money go further. We’d dabbled with the idea of a joint blog for years, but it never seemed realistic. While we were traveling we were always too busy, you know, traveling, and starting a blog seemed out of reach.

Then one year we traveled differently. We decided to actually live in a small country for several months. We got jobs, worked three days a week, and had four days to travel. Finally, we had the time and actual freedom to get our project under way.


Camping at the summit of an active volcano is cheap

What makes us different?

We know, there are literally thousands of travel blogs out there. So what makes us stand out? Well, when we research before trips, we are generally disappointed by how little information is out there about cheap travel.

And by cheap, we mean cheap.

We have found that most people’s standard of economic travel exceeds our budget. It’s not that we’re competing to spend the least amount possible on our trips, although we do take some pride in beating the odds.

Our philosophy is simple: we are not rich. By western standards, we are actually well below the average. So like a famous man once said in Interstellar, let’s see time as a resource, like money. Well he didn’t quite say it like that but you get the point. We prefer spending less money because it allows us to spend more time in a country. We’ll admit, at first glimpse it sounds counter intuitive.

But once you give it a try, you’ll be surprised at how cheap traveling can be. And like us, you might never want to go back.


Tour crowd usual bottleneck

We’re not really fans of tours and crowds

Get off the beaten path

We also like to travel to some of the less popular places. Each country ends up having a series of highlights and musts that every tourist feels the urge to visit. To be fair, there’s a reason why those are so popular.

At the same time, our best experiences have always been away from the beaten path.  Sure the Turkish archeological site of Ephesus warrants a visit. That’s why every single tourist to set foot in Turkey goes.

We could name a dozen places in Turkey that, in our opinion, are much more interesting. Those places also happen to be cheaper, more authentic and devoid of crowds.

Finding those gems takes a bit more of an open mind. When our families heard we were headed to Sinai, suffice to say they weren’t thrilled. Their concern is understandable, considering what we see in the news. Crazily enough, we weren’t dodging bombs, no one threw rocks at us for being Westerners and we never felt unsafe. It was one of our most off the beaten path trips : avoiding army patrols in the desert with Bedouins, searching  for a forgotten archeological site. And it was completely worth it.

Beyond western medias and politics, most country are safe and welcoming. In any case, remember, it’s an adventure!

In our blog you’ll read advice on finding cheap flights, choosing the right country for you, and you’ll find plenty of budget travel hacks. You’ll find stories of some of our most memorable adventures. You’ll learn how to eat, sleep and live with a small wallet, all while doing some amazing things.


Akdamar island, Van, Turkey

Seldom visited Akdamar island, Turkey

Your Dirt Cheap Travel Guides

Dereck the wolf trainer

Dereck is a guide in Quebec’s vast boreal forest. Many would consider his job a dream vacation; he does spend his time in the wilderness hanging out with his black bear buddies, talking with moose and dancing with wolves, after all.

He, like many of us, caught the travel bug and has developed a severe addiction to wandering the globe. A stubborn but apt navigator, he vows to accept help from strangers at least once per year, regardless of the consequences on his male ego. An adventurer at heart, he knows there’s no place like away from home.

Cass the mermaid

Cass hails from the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the US. As such, nature and craft beer run in her veins. She loves trying new things and going against all possible advice. Her motto is, there’s always a way, you just have to find it. She knows that usually, things turn out fine in the end.

An anthropologist by trade, Cass never tires of learning about other cultures and staring into a people’s soul. Her first big adventure was to the Dominican Republic on a volunteer trip in college, and she has been exploring the world ever since. She loves traveling solo, but has found that traveling with Dereck can be fun too.

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