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Hey there, this is Dereck and Cass, two young travelers with an obsession for one thing: keeping costs low. Sure, we enjoy a little bit of comfort, but just like you, we’re not millionaires. As a result, we have developed methods to cut costs and make our money go farther.

Can you believe that for the cost many people spend on a 2 weeks all-inclusive resort in Mexico, we were able to spend two MONTHS in Egypt? From the great pyramids of Giza to the forgotten temples of Sinaï, we had the trip of a lifetime on a ridiculously small budget.

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So, what will it be?

One of the most surprising things to us is how hard it is to convince people that travel is not expensive. Really, it’s not. Ever dreamed of a life of freedom? All you need to do is choose it. Welcome to Dirt Cheap Travel Guide.